In da (poetry) club

06 Sep 2020

Forest rider

heart bangs in my chest
lungs strangled with duress
the crackle of rocks
an extension of my body
an exoskeleton? the human machine?
where one ends and it really starts?

shifting balance through the woods
this turn is tricky,
drop down off the hoods

setting in before the jump
reset your balance then
pause your mind at the launch.


I try orientate into the now.
As in, think about how this age will be remembered by people
talking about one day. Ages away.
But i feel like this is flawed, because
I suspect that it will be a forgettable time
between two large events, like wars?
or something.
and that those will come to dominate
the way they think about this age.
The age of TikTok. :)

Sun sets/rises

As the sun sets here, it rises somewhere else
remote from here, but not for them
real and hot, like the sun that sets right now
for me, while you are there.

Fucking phone

Before my phone’s battery dies
I need to write out these few lines
which are about how it is to live right now
with the uncertaintly of our times.
But as the virus spreads across the world
there is one thing i think we should all remember
it’s that the