Goodbye Nana

30 Apr 2022

The last time and snippets of you

I wish I knew it was the last time when it was the last time.
Was it the time you wore my sunglasses on the wheelchair ride there?
Or was it was the time we sat outside at the home with coffee next to the lavender?
If i knew, I would have stayed a while.
I had to get back, probably. Something to get back for. Always do.
I forget now what we talked about. But i’ll always have these snippets of you.

The cool feeling of your kitchen tiles on my feet.
411 510, you and Tinka on the crest of Adelaide street.
Crunchy bars and lolly pops. A scarf made from real white fox.
Wooden elephants on the window sill. We’ll pick you up at 2:30. Nosh-up after basketball.
The Japanese painting on your brick bedroom wall.
Denis Rodman’s hair. Apple turnovers and chocolate eclairs.
Red raincoats and goodbye kisses on your cheek.
Turn your pillow over to the cold side if you every have trouble getting to sleep.
Car rides with dad. Whiting and chips.
Flat whites and banter with Chris.
Coffee table near the door with Pop-purée. Pink and green flowers printed on your settee.
A mystery to me as a kid, the metal touch controls on your TV.

On the last time I remember your face as I was about to leave.
Goodbye James you said to me.
Love you Nana, Rest In Peace.